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Ok, I'm new, I just joined because I am seriously looking for some help :{

Is it possible to save a Shockwave Presentation to my computer from a website?

My dsl is deader than roadkill right now and I can't even get it to play, but I have downloaded another SW Pres and it works fine when I play it from my computer, it just runs through IE instead.

If there is a way to either download it or save it can someone please tell me how?

Here is the link:
The clip is under the menu item "Themes"
When all the little floaty names come up click "lorna" (just below the top row of three)
And that is the clip I want to watch.
But all I'm getting is noise and the occasional blip picture :(

Heeeeeeelp, please? I really want to watch the clip *sigh* :(

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